Audrey Contesse


Audrey Contesse, the initiator of this project and its driving force, is the director of the ICA. She is an architect, historian and architecture critic. For more than ten years now, she has dedicated herself to the defence and promotion of high-quality architecture, first as editor-in-chief of the magazine A+ Architecture in Belgium, then in different publications and exhibitions.

Aurélien Jacob

Coordination of projects and cultural events

Aurélien Jacob, art historian and teacher, is responsible for the coordination of projects and cultural events as well as for the pedagogical activities of the ICA. For several years already, Aurélien Jacob has been setting up and developing cultural and educational projects aimed at raising awareness about art history, contemporary art, design and architecture among a range of publics.

David Serati


David Serati is the communications coordinator. An architect by training, he creates and manages the content of the social networks, the website and the communication campaigns. Having acquired experience at the intersection of communication and architecture, David Serati decided to put his passion for architecture at the service of the projects put forward by the ICA.

Stéphanie Van Doosselaere

Coordination of projects and administration

Stéphanie Van Doosselaere, an architect by training, is responsible for administrative and project coordination. For several years, she has specialized in the inclusive and qualitative development of urban projects, particularly on a neighborhood scale. This has led her to tackle subjects such as sustainable development, citizen participation and governance, which she hopes to put at the service of the projects put forward by the ICA.